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Employee Of The Month

Derek Riddle

Derek has been with Neat Companies for 15 years. He started out in logistics creating load sheets and has since moved into the role of Logistics Manager.

Brad Neat had this to say about Derek, “Since stepping into his role as logistics manager, Derek has play a huge role in effectively and efficiently lowering lead times to our customers.”

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Derek!



Employee Anniversaries

Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication.    

  • Scotty Lynn                       11/01/1999               20 years

  • Pat Terry                           11/07/2011                8 years

  • Anna Campbell                11/03/2014                5 years

  • Mike Willis                        11/17/2014                5 years

  • Brec Dykes                       11/24/2014                 5 years

  • Breanna McGowan         11/07/2016                3 years

  • Josh Swango                    11/07/2016                3 years

  • Wesley Bryant                 11/01/2018                 1 year